[News] Sung Jun and Lee Soo Hyuk Cast for ′Scary Story 2′

Sung Jun has been cast for the film Scary Story 2.

The actor will appear in the ′Cliff (tentative title)′ episode of the film, which is a sequel to a well-received horror film released in 2012.

Cliff is about how two friends get involved in a life-threatening situation after climbing a mountain together. Sung Jun will be acting with Lee Soo Hyuk, who also used to be a model. Director Kim Sung Ho, who had his film Into the Mirror be remade by Hollywood, will helm the section.

Sung Jun was previously recognized for his acting skills and good looks through the jTBC drama Can We Get Married?. He then debuted on the big screen with the film Dangerously Excited.

Scary Story 2 is an omnibus film, and started shooting on March 6. It aims to premiere in June.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan
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