[INFO] Twitter Account Related to Sungjun ^^~

>> Sungjun Twitter Account --> @six2k (http://twitter.com/six2k)

>> Sungjun Agency/Management --> @CHOIImodel

>> Fansite of Sungjun:

*South Korea: AmazingBoy Sungjun --> @AmazingboySJ 
*Thailand: Sungjun Thailand --> @sungjunthailand
*International: FyBangSungjun --> @sungjun_world

>> Partners in Movie/Drama:

1. Baek Sung Hyun: "White Christmas" Drama (Park Moo Yeol) --> @sunghyun_baek
2. Jung Suk Won: "White Christmas" Drama (Yoon Jong Il) --> @sukwon7123
3. Kwak Jung Wook: "White Christmas" Drama (Yang Kang Mo) & "Shut Up! Flower Boyband" Drama (Jung Maro-Strawberry Field) --> @JWKwack
4. Kim Young Kwang: "White Christmas" Drama (Jo Young Jae) & "Can We Get Married" Drama (Ki Joong) --> @aksakfn12

5. Lee Soo Hyuk: "White Christmas" Drama (Yoon Su) & "Scary Story 2 - Cliff" movie --> @LXXSXXHKKK

6. Yoon Eun Hye: "Lie To Me" Drama (Gong Ah Jung) --> @1003Grace
7. Kang Ji Hwan: "Lie To Me" Drama (Hyun Ki Joon) --> @Kangjihwan_ 

8. L-Infinite (Kim Myung Soo): "Shut Up! Flower Boyband" Drama (Lee Hyun Soo-Eye Candy) -->@INFINITELKIM
9. Lee Hyun Jae: "Shut Up! Flower Boyband" Drama (Jang Do Il-Eye Candy) --> @dreamerndrummer
10. Kim Min Sook: "Shut Up! Flower Boyband" Drama (Seo Kyung Jong-Eye Candy) --> @Sasimiworldkms 
11. Yoo Min Kyu: "Shut Up! Flower Boyband" Drama (Kim Ha Jin-Eye Candy) --> @5577881
12. Jung Ui Chul: "Shut Up! Flower Boyband" Drama (Yoo Seung Hoon-Strawberry Field) --> @jungzz7e

13. Jung So Min: "Can We Get Married" Drama (Hye Yoon) --> @h_monet

14. Bae Suzy: "Gu Family Book" Drama (Dam Yeo Wool) --> @missA_suzy
15. Yoo Yun Suk: "Gu Family Book" Drama (Park Tae Seo) --> @Yeonseok411
16. Choi Jin Hyuk: "Gu Family Book" Drama (Gu Wal Ryung-Kang Chi’s father) --> @realjinhyuk
17. Kim Ki Bang: "Gu Family Book" Drama (Eok Man) --> @kimkibang

>> Fansite Sungjun's Partner @ Drama:
* Kang Ji Hwan Indonesia --> @KangJiHwanIndo
* Yoon Eun Hye Indonesia --> @EunHyeINAFC
* Inspirit Indonesia (Fanbase of L "Infinite") --> @InspiritINA
* Baek Sung Hyun International --> @SungHyunLv
* Shut Up! Flower Boyband International --> @FlowerBoyBand
* Official Fan Page for Korean Dramas aired in Philippines TV Show GMA7 --> @KPrimeGMA

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